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Paymoko is a multi-token wallet with built-in productivity tools that allow you to be more efficient in managing your funds and your small business. It has an Affiliate Program that is affordable, simple and achievable.

Blockchain Projects

The real world uses of tokenized assets are limitless. From enhanced security to decentralization of processes, almost every facet of the entire global industries have a specific application that crypto assets can be a viable solution for a particular problem, which was not previously possible.

Although the scope of our platform encompasses various use cases, we have listed here a few of our priorities.

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Affiliate Program

We only rely on word-of-mouth advertising to get the news about us out there. So we might as well reward our users for bringing in more users through our very simple and affordable Affiliate Program rather than pay for expensive marketing campaigns.

To become an affiliate, all you have to do is activate your account (Activation Fee applies).

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Get Started

It's free to sign up but if you want to access Paymoko's Productivity Tools, there is a one-time Activation Fee of ₱100 which will unlock all the special features of our mobile app. When you invite other users through your referral link, and if they activate their account, you will earn certain bonuses depending on the level of membership they sign up for.

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