The applications for Paymoko are unbounded. Here are some of the use cases we've done and currently working on. We are open for suggestions from our users so feel free to get in touch with us for your creative ideas.

Money Manager

Manage the ins and outs of your funds right from your mobile phone. The Money Manager feature of Paymoko allows you to monitor income and expenses, and categorize each entry in your report, just like a simple accounting ledger. You can allow your staff to record all your daily sales and expenses, and you can monitor them real time anywhere you have access to the internet.

Customer Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Points System enables business or store owners launch their very own Customer Loyalty Program instantly without the high cost of setting up one. Paymoko allows merchants to award Loyalty Points to their customers, and at the same time, allow them to redeem those points from them only, in exchange for gift items and other rewards. The cost to develop this program is over hundreds of thousands of Pesos. But with Paymoko, you can get it almost for FREE!

CryptoShop, the Future of Shopping

Sooner or later, stores will eventually drop paper money and will all jump into the digital cash era. There are far too many issues on paper money and fiat that we can't write them all down on a single piece of paper. Digital cash is the future of money, and blockchain technology is making it a reality, slowly but surely. Our CryptoShop will enable merchants to sell their products on our Storefront and accept payments in digital cash.

There are still more brilliant concepts than meet the eye. If you want to explore now the many ways that you can use Paymoko for personal or business, click the button below to get started.

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