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Faerieblossom Miracle Whitening Set

Faerieblossom Miracle Whitening set contains Toner, Serum and Cream, excellent in whitening dark areas of the body including underarms, elbows, and bikini lines. Our Spray Toner deeply cleanses the skin and promotes a fair and even skin tone. Miracle Serum moisturizes, smoothens and lightens the skin. Miracle Cream helps eliminate skin blemishes and dark spots.

SKU: 202200801005


SRP: ₱400.00

Discounted Price: ₱350.00

35.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱15.00

Faerieblossom Glass Skin Set

Faerieblossom Glass Skin contains Cocoberry Soap, Toner, Serum and Sunblock. Cocoberry soap whitens and promotes a glowing and naturally radiant skin. Toner cleans, hydrates, conditions the skin, removes dirt, oil and impurities. Serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin, provides vibrancy and bounce. Sunblock protects skin from sunburn and keeps an even complexion.

SKU: 202200620002


SRP: ₱400.00

Discounted Price: ₱350.00

35.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱15.00

Faerieblossom Korean Whitening Lotion

Faerieblossom Glutaberry Lotion is a Korean gel-based whitening lotion which helps moisturize, whiten, smoothen and brighen the skin. It contains L-glutathione, Berry Extracts, Kojic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Sakura Extracts, Coconut Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Glycerin, and other mild ingredients that promote a younger-looking, fair skin. It's perfect for all skin types.

SKU: 202200620003


SRP: ₱500.00

Discounted Price: ₱450.00

35.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱15.00

Faerieblossom Peach Bleach Soap

Faerieblossom Peach Bleach Soap can be used daily for the whole body and is perfect for all skin types. It helps lighten and brighten dull skin. It helps reduce acne and blemishes, and improves skin elasticity. It contains L-glutathione, Peach Extract, Bleaching, Coconut Oil, Goat's Milk, Kojic Acid, Glycerin, and other mild ingredients for younger-looking skin.

SKU: 202200620004


SRP: ₱150.00

Discounted Price: ₱120.00

15.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱5.00

Faerieblossom Magic Lip Serum

Faerieblossom Magic Lip Serum moisturizes and prevents dry and chapped lips. It has natural ingredients that help exfoliate dead skin cells from your lips, protect the lips from damage, restore your lips natural moisture and nourishes it naturally. It brigtens the lips and adds a hint of color. It removes hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dark spots that are present on the lips.

SKU: 202200819006


SRP: ₱220.00

Discounted Price: ₱175.00

25.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱7.00

Faerieblossom Aloe Vera Set

Faerieblossom Aloe Vera Set is excellent for skin burns, acne and other skin damages. The Soap contains natural ingredients that help dry up acne, lighten sunburns, and control skin irritation. The Serum moisturizes and lightens the skin, fights aging, and it's anti-inflammatory. The Toner is good for acne-prone skin, and it contains Rosewater which hyrdrates the skin. The Cream gives smoother and radiant skin.

SKU: 202200717007


SRP: ₱400.00

Discounted Price: ₱350.00

35.00 UPv

IDG Voucher: ₱0.00

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